Every day, attackers come up with new strategies to steal funds from ordinary citizens. Quite recently, a new fraud was revealed related to the provocation of taking out a loan.
Imagine: a bank agent calls you and says that numerous attempts to obtain loans have been registered in your name. You start to say in surprise that you have not done anything like this. To your objection, they begin to very tactfully and casually ask, clarify with leading questions what kind of banks you use.
You kindly reveal all your cards, giving complete freedom of action to these scammers. With peace of mind, they end the conversation with you, convincing that all problems will be resolved in the shortest possible time.
After a certain period of time, you receive a call from one of the banks, of which you are an active user.
The employee turns out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but, unfortunately, you do not even suspect this, since your main goal is to solve the problem of fraud with the help of these very employees. The employee informs you that three or four loan applications have been received. The question follows: “Was it you?” After your negative answer, the employee offers an immediate solution to the problem.
You are advised that a so-called “mirror” tap must be made to prevent this manipulation. You are offered to quickly submit an Internet loan application with the subsequent communication of all the necessary details of your bank card. After submitting the details, an SMS message with a special code should come to your phone number, which must be told to the employee, after which he can close your loan.
Of course, after that no problems are solved, but new ones are only created, and, believe me, very serious ones. Not only did you not close the recently taken loan, but you also gave the cybercriminals the opportunity to withdraw all your funds. Now you have an empty wallet and a brand new loan.
You can fight and protect yourself from this with the help of software for your Android or iOS phone. There are a huge number of applications that block incoming unwanted calls, thereby saving you from talking to cheaters.
If scammers called you, and you were able to determine this, then it is best to contact the official service of the bank or your mobile operator with this problem.